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Volkihar Knight

A lore-friendly armor mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Released on PC and Xbox One with over one million downloads across both platforms.

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  • 3D Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Graphic Design
A dark elf wearing the Volkihar Knight armor with the logo overlaid on the image.
A book containing a sketch depicting the logo and armor

Armor design

As a player I noticed there weren’t any heavy armor options for the Volkihar faction. This kinda sucks when you’ve specialised in heavy armor and decide to join the faction and discover they all wear light armor.

My solution was to create a mod that combines meshes from the Volkihar faction armor with heavy plate armor. The mod builds upon textures and meshes from the base game, so it unifies with Skyrim’s overall aesthetic. I combined and modified the meshes in 3DS Max. To establish a cohesive design across the set, I edited existing textures, and designed custom textures in Photoshop.

Identity design

The monogram uses custom designed typography to get the right balance of weight and angularity. I combined this with Trajan for the text, which is also used for Skyrim’s game title wordmark.

A promotional image from Enderal showing several characters in the game overlooking a distant city.
The Enderal game logo

Featured in Enderal

I was super stoked to have my work featured in the major standalone mod Enderal, which won best fan creation at the game awards in 2016. Within the game my armor design can be found being used for the Wandering Mage armor set.

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